We are the Vuntut Gwitchin.

With boundless pride in our ancient cultural heritage and ancestral homelands, we exercise our inherent right to self-government, to take the responsibility for the general welfare of our citizens, and to provide for the good government of our community, lands and resources.

—Preamble, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Constitution

Message from the Chief

Drin Gwiinzii Shalak Naii, 

Since we began our term in office in January 2023, Chief and Council has prioritized measures to support the mental health and wellness of our community; balance the government’s budget; develop and implement fair and clearly defined policies for the Administration; and build up the branches of government envisioned by our Constitution.

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News Releases
Joint statement from Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Chief Pauline Frost and Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai on the unified response to flooding in Old Crow
May 22, 2024
Old Crow: Our Home Community
Our Homeland
Latest News
January / February 2024
Meetings of the Executive Committee of Elders

The Executive Committee of Elders met a number of times in January and February to discuss ongoing community concerns, most importantly, the ongoing mental health and substance abuse crisis.

January 18-25, Whitehorse
Intergovernmental Meetings - The Yukon River Panel

The Yukon River Panel, which makes recommendations to management entities on both sides of the U.S./Canada border concerning the conservation and management of salmon originating in Canada, met in Whitehorse in January. Stanley Njootli Sr, Jeffrey Peter and Elizabeth MacDonald participated in the week of meetings as Vuntut Gwitchin representatives and technical advisors.

Community Safety Planning with House of Wolf and Associates

In December 2023, Council met with Gina Nagano, the founder of Shëzo Zhúr (House of Wolf) and Associates. House of Wolf works with Indigenous communities to develop attainable ways to improve safety through pro-active social infrastructure development and assistance.

New Council Resolutions
March 2024

In March, Council passed thirteen resolutions covering a number of areas. You can download a searchable document containing resolutions passed by Council from January to March 2024 below. New Council Resolutions are added here and to the downloadable document each month.

Re: Rescinding May 2024 Community Emergency Declaration
June 7, 2024
Re: Community Emergency Declaration and Order to Respond to Flooding in Old Crow
May 17, 2024
24. Amendments to the Self-Government Financial Transfer Agreement
March 26, 2024
23. Amendments to the Self-Government Financial Transfer Agreement
March 26, 2024
22. Exception to the Human Resources Policy Manual
March 21, 2024
21. Continuation of Community Order Regarding Dangerous Offender
March 21, 2024
20. Management Committee
March 21, 2024
19. First Appropriation Act 2024-25
March 19, 2024
18. Agreement for Grooming, Operation, Maintenance, Delivery/ Removal or freight and Decommissioning of the Old Crow Snow Road
March 9, 2024
17. Appointment to the Enrollment Committee
March 9, 2024
16. Fuel Price Increases
March 9, 2024
15. Disbursement Committee Recommendation to Council
March 9, 2024
14. Disbursement Committee Recommendation to Council
March 9, 2024
13. Chief and Council Leadership on Traditional Territory
March 9, 2024
12. Council Resolutions
March 9, 2024

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