General Assembly

Article 6 of our Constitution outlines the powers, duties and responsibilities of the General Assembly as follows: 

  1. consideration and approval of proposals and reports received from the Council
  2. consideration and review of proposals, legislation and financial reports received from Council
  3. consideration and approval of Elders Council proposals
  4. amending this Constitution 
  5. providing direction to Chief and Council through General Assembly Resolutions.

As set down by the Constitution, a meeting of the General Assembly be held each year in August. In addition to this annual meeting, which is held over a period of several days, special meetings of the General Assembly may be called by Council at other times throughout the year. 

Citizens 16 years of age or older may vote at any meeting of the General Assembly, while Chief and Councillors are considered observers and non-voting members. While the General Assembly strives to make decisions by consensus, if consensus cannot be reached, decisions are carried by a majority vote.

General Assembly 2024

Stay tuned!