Agreements, Constitution and Legislation

VGFN Constitution
VGFN Final Agreement
VGFN Self-Government Agreement
Act to Amend Vuntut Gwitchin Governance Act (2023)
Community Emergency Act
2020 Interim Elections Act
Heritage Act
Vuntut Gwitchin Governance Act
Business Licence Act
Draft Legislation
Draft VGFN Loan Act - 2022
Draft VGFN Land and Resources Act - March 2020
Understanding the Draft Lands and Resources Act A Citizens Guide to the Draft Law - March 2020
Draft Regulations
Draft Lands and Resources Regulations - March 2020
Draft Security Regulations - January 2020
Draft Parcel Management Regulations - December 2019


VGFN Housing Policy - Jan 2024
VGFN Home of the Wise Ones Interim Policy - June 2023
VGFN Human Resources Policies Manual 2023
VGFN Health and Safety Policies and Procedures Manual - January 2022
VGFN Oil and Gas Engagement Policy - May 2018
VGFN Youth Enhancement Fund Policy - June 2015
VGFN Housing Policy - April 2006

Chief and Council

Governance Handbook - June 2023
Council Resolutions
2024 Council Resolutions - Jan to March
Yeendoo Diinehdoo Ji’heezrit Nits’oo Ts’o’ Nan He’aa Declaration - May 2019
Ni¹inlii Declaration - July 2016

General Assembly

VGFN General Assembly Resolutions 2023
VGFN General Assembly Resolutions 2003-2022
General Assembly Annual Reports and Minutes
General Assembly 2023 Annual Report - July 2023
General Assembly 2022 Annual Report - July 2022
General Assembly 2022 Minutes - November 2022
General Assembly 2021 Annual Report - September 2021


VGFN Financial Statements from the current Fiscal Year 2024-2025 back the Fiscal Year 2000-2001 are currently available on the old VGFN website here.


Rampart House and Lapierre House Management Plan Update - August 2023
Nijin Ch’ichi’ Gwilik Dai’ Yiinji’gwihidhoh’ee - Van Tat Gwich_in Funerals - 2020
Plant Use in Vuntut Gwitchin Territory Second Edition - 2020
VGFN Heritage Catalogue of Educational Materials - 2020
Van Tat Gwich'in Ginjik Noun Dictionary - 2015
Van Tat Gwich’in Navigation Systems Project 2011 to 2015 Final Report - 2015
Nits’oo Diik’itr’iindhat - How we were raised - 2013
Van Tat Gwich'in Cultural Technology Project 2007 to 2011 Final Report - 2011
Tr'ih Tr'ahtsii - Canoe Making Step by Step instructions - 2009
Vuntut Gwich'in Oral History Project 1999 to 2003 Final Report - 2003
VGFN Cultural Geography Project
Final Report - 2007
How did the Shanaghan help her people? - Vuntut Gwich’in Cultural Geography Project 2005-2006
Who are the Dagoo?
Who was K'aiiheenjik
Who were Ch'eeghwalti' Shahnuuti' and Shahvyah'
Why is Van Tat important?

Dinjii Zhuh k’yuu (the Gwich'in Language)

Gwich_in Direct Acquisition Language Program 2020
Ts'ałvit Ts'at Deetrù'
Nits'oo Shoh Vichi' Gwan Goodlit
Dzan, Tsèe Hah
Dinjii Deè Ehdanh Ts'ałvit Hah
Ndoo Tr_eedaa Gogwaandak Radio Plays 2019
Vah Srigwehdli’ The One Who Survived
Tl’oo Thał Grass Pants
Shanaghàn Neekaii Nanaa’in Hah Two Old Women and the Bushman
Ch’iitsii Khał Datl’oo The Blue Cruiser

Natural Resources

VGFN’s library of Natural Resource Documents are currently available on the old VGFN website here.
VGFN Natural Resources Maps