Resolution No. 2017-07 - Passed by Consensus

Fluent Speaker Wages

Whereas;  Gwich'in language is of paramount, central importance to the culture and governance 
		 of the Gwich'in;       

Whereas;  The number of fluent Gwich'in speakers is declining

Whereas;  Encouraging and rewarding fluent speakers will increase the amount of Gwich'in spoken.

Whereas;  Gwich'in is the official language of the Vuntut Gwitchin Government

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

1.	That VGG Employees who speak and write fluent Gwich'in and are assessed by a qualified, 
fluent Gwich'in speaker, receive a wage increase that reflects their skills in the language;

2.	That VGG Employees that are consistently logging time to learn Gwich'in also receive a 
wage increase;

3.	That VGG Employees attending Gwichin classes are supported by VGG.