Resolution No. 2017-27 - Passed by Consensus

Loss of confidence in Leadership

Whereas;  The General Assembly has lost confidence in our leadership; they are not communicating 
		 well or working together;

Whereas;  The General Assembly wants leadership that works together on a common vision that supports 
		 the well-being of our people and the betterment of our community;

Whereas;  Pursuant to the VGFN Constitution Article VI, paragraph 3, article c, the powers of the GA include 
		 determining general policy guidelines and directions for the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation and 
		 Council for the forthcoming year:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

1.	That we, the General Assembly, ask the Chief & Council to instruct the Review Council to look at
options respecting the above issues for consideration of the VGFN Citizens at the Special General Assembly
to be held in the fall of 2017.