Resolution No. 2017-23 - Passed by Consensus

VGFN Funding and Spending Policy for Compensation Funds

Whereas;  some monies are distributed annually from the Vuntut Gwitchin Trust to the Vuntut Gwitchin 
		 First Nation Government;

Whereas;  a Distribution Committee is currently being established to oversee distribution of these funds;

Whereas;  VGFN beneficiaries may need monies to assist with personal emergencies, economic initiatives,
		 traditional pursuits, etc:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

1.	The Distribution Committee, when established, will consider the following distributions to 
VGFN beneficiaries:

a.	Medical Emergencies - to assist immediate family with travel expenses dealing with medical 
emergencies, where these expenses are not otherwise covered in Canada 
i.	Maximum of $1000 for travel within the Yukon
ii.	Maximum of $2000 for travel outside the Yukon

b.	Personal Emergency Fund - to assist in emergency situations, such as sudden loss of home, fire,
earthquake, medical emergencies and death in the immediate family
i.	To a maximum of $1000/family

c.	Entrepreneur Equity Fund - to enable and assist VGFN citizens to start, acquire, expand or 
improve business enterprises in the Yukon.

d.	Business Employer Enhancement Fund - to enhance employment opportunities for VGFN citizens 
through the provisions of a non-repayable employment subsidy 
i.	To a maximum of $10,000 for each approved VGFN citizen employee

e.	Traditional Pursuits - to assist VGFN beneficiaries participate in traditional pursuits. Monies 
can be used for gas and supplies, as well as wages to pay a teacher, sewing materials, tents and cabins etc.
i.	To a maximum of $500/year/beneficiary