Resolution No. 2017-22 - Passed by Consensus

RCMP Special Constables/Public Safety Officers

Whereas;  Special Constables/Public Safety Officers specializing in crime prevention and community 
		 engagement fill a "gap" between RCMP and the people;

Whereas;  Special Constables would ensure a level of continuity in the RCMP with their policy approach, 
		 given the frequency that RCMP members transfer in and out of Old Crow;

Whereas;  Special Constables will help to restore trust in the RCMP that has been damaged 
		 throughout the years;

Whereas;  Special Constables will help to facilitate restorative approaches to justice:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

1.	The RCMP and VGG will form a collaborative working group to re-establish the Special 
Constable/ Public Safety Officer positions as soon as possible due to the urgency of our 
situations - in Old Crow and in Whitehorse.