Resolution No. 2017-10 - Passed by Consensus

Support and services for VGFN beneficiaries in Whitehorse

Whereas;  a significant number of VGFN beneficiaries living in Whitehorse are in need of health and
		 social support 

Whereas;  Vuntut Gwitchin Government office in Whitehorse provides outreach services, support, and 
		 citizen advocacy, and in recent months these services have expanded to include more 
		 focused support of VFGN beneficiaries dealing with homelessness, addictions and mental 
		 health issues

Whereas;  the uptake of these services further demonstrates the need for support services in Whitehorse

Whereas;  The Whitehorse office space was not built or staffed to provide health and social support 
		 services - the facilities are not suited to the current use, and inadequate staffing support 
		 has led to safety concerns for both staff and beneficiaries 

Therefore be it resolved:

1.	VGG develop a strategic plan to address the health and social needs of VGFN beneficiaries 
living in Whitehorse, with a focus on homelessness, addictions and mental health; and,

2.	VGG provide financial support for implementation of the plan, including facility upgrades and 
staffing support.