Resolution No. 2016-005 - Passed by Consensus

Memorandum of Understanding

Whereas;  the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation (VGFN) established the Vuntut Gwitchin Trust (VGT) 
		 in 2004 and Vuntut Gwtichin Business Trust (VGBT") in 2006 to manage and administer its 
		 financial compensation assets and the Vuntut Gwitchin Limited Partnership (the "VGLP") 
		 in 2006 to pursue economic development opportunities;      

Whereas;  The VGFN, VGT, VGBT and VGLP (the "Parties") wish to formalize their relationships, 
		 build trust and promote cooperation to ensure that they can fulfill their duties and 
		 responsibilities effectively on behalf of the VGFN and its citizens;

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

They work collaboratively to ensure that the Parties have a full understanding of each other's 
governing structures, roles, and responsibilities in order to build a better future for VGFN citizens;

enhance communication and promote coordination, so that each Party is able to fulfill its role and 
carry out its responsibilities effectively and efficiently;

respect the views and authority of each Party and support each other's roles and responsiblities;

establish a venue to promote and encourage open and constructive dialogue amongst the Parties 
based on trust, honesty, and respect;

identify the information, reports, and materials to be circulated and provided to the Parties in a timely
manner; and

act in the best interests of Citizens.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Parties, as defined above, seek to engage and consult with 
VG citizens in public meetings and to present the MOU at an upcoming meeting in 2017.