Resolution No. 2016-004 - Passed by Consensus

Air North Board of Directors Vuntut Gwitchin Appointment

Whereas; VG Beneficiaries own 49% of Air North and;

Whereas; 40782 Yukon Inc. currently appoints members to Air North's Board and;

Whereas; there are issues relating to freight, prices, and services to Old Crow and outside communities;

Whereas; These issues have been relayed to 40782 Yukon Inc. and Air North with little resolution.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

to ensure that Vuntut Gwitchin citizens' needs are acknowledged and met. That #40782 Yukon Inc. 
shall appoint a Vuntut Gwitchin beneficiary that "preferably" resides in the Vuntut Gwitchin 
Traditional Territory to Air North's Board of Directors for any Vuntut Gwitchin designated seats.