Resolution No. 2016-009 - Passed by Consensus

VGFN Salmon Management Plan

Whereas;  Salmon returns to the Porcupine River have been weak for several years;

Whereas;  Much work has been done through use of the YRP Restoration and Enhancement funds, but 
		these projects do not address specific community based management actions;

Whereas; Natural Resources partnered with Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee to hold a Local Traditional 
		Knowledge Workshop in which the framework for a management plan was developed:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGG NR department move forward to complete an Old Crow Commumity-Based Salmon
Management Plan;

This plan be developed closely with the community, based on VGFN values, with management 
recommendations that balance VGFN salmon harvesting efforts with the state of the salmon stocks.