Resolution No. 2016-008 - Passed by Consensus

"Custom Adoption" and Support

Whereas;  Many Vuntut Gwitchin citizens and Elders have for generations taken childcare into their own 
		hands as was the traditional practice of our people;

Whereas;  Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation citizens and Elders are raising the children of extended family 
		rather than seeing them placed in foster care systems;

Whereas;  Many citizens and Elders who are on minimal pension plans cannot afford to provide 
		necessary/essential support to raise children of extended family without experiencing 
		financial hardships

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

Vuntut Gwitchin Government Health and Social department establish a policy, with resources attached, 
to assist citizens and Elders in raising children of extended family;

The policy should include a minimal monthly budget allocated to citizens and Elders with children 
of extended family in their care.