Resolution No. 2016-002 - Passed by Consensus

General Assembly Support for Land Exchange between VGFN and Yukon

Whereas;  The VGFN Final Agreement became effective on February 14, 1995, and allowed a 
		subsequent process of selecting lands within identified sites specific under Chapter 15 of the 
		VGFN Final Agreement;

Whereas;  The VGFN, Canada and Yukon signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Novermber 2005 
		to accept a process for the conclusion of proposed site specific selections;

Whereas;  The VGFN permits the eleven proposed sites surveyed for exchanges of Crown land for VGFN 
		Settlement Land under 9.6.0 of the VGFN Final Agreement and in 2.3.5 allows the amendment 
		of the Settlement land descriptions under Appendix A, to correspond with any resulting 
		land exchanges;

Whereas;  The Parties being VGFN, Canada and Yukon now wish to amend the 2005 MOU to make 
		minor adjustments to better select the respective intentions of the Parties;

Whereas;  The VGFN General Assembly has the responsibility over general policy guidelines and 
		directions of the VGFN and Council for the coming year;

Whereas;  The VGFN  Council has the jurisdiction to approve the amendments to the 2005 MOU and 
		exchanges of Crown land for VGFN Settlement Land and approve the subsequent amendments 
		to the VGFN Final Agreement under Appendix A:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGFN General Assembly therefore provides its support for the VGFN Chief and Council to amend 
the 2005 MOU and move forward with the 11 proposed site specific land exchanges as defined in 
Appendix A to the VGFN Final Agreement as it deems in the best interests of VGFN and its Citizens, and
such amendments are generally set out as Appendix 1, attached hereto.