Resolution No. 2015-09 - Passed by Consensus

VGLP Office in Old Crow

Whereas;  VGLP has their office located in Whitehorse, not visible in Old Crow;

Whereas;  VGLP is an important economic aim to our government and citizens in Old Crow;

Whereas;  Old Crow is changing and growing at a fast pace;

Whereas;  VGG, Mayo and Dawson are undertaking a two year pilot project under the North 
		 Yukon Regional Economic Action Development Initiative:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

VGLP and VGG begin discussions to have a home base office in Old Crow to oversee community 
economic business ventures and implement with citizens of Old Crow;

That VGLP and VGG 2016-17 budget reflect this implementation and hereafter.