Resolution No. 2015-07 - Passed by Consensus

Sarah Abel/Chitzee Government Building

Whereas;  Article 11 - VGFN Authority/Location of the VGFN Constitution states #2 the seat of government 
		 for the VGFN shall be located within the TT of the VGFN on the lands of the VGFN in such 
		 place as the GA in its sole discretion deems advisable;       

Whereas;  The seat of government is Old Crow, YT;

Whereas; The day-to-day business of government is carried on in the Sarah Abel-Chitzee Building; 

Whereas;  The VGFN has been self-governing since February 14, 1995, over 20 years.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the Sarah Abel-Chitzee Building be renamed the Sarah Able-Chitzee Government Building, 
in recognition of a Vuntut Gwitchin Government.