Resolution No. 2015-06 - Passed by Consensus

Youth Wellness and Mentorship

Whereas;  VGG was mandated in 2014 to proceed with a traditional healing camp and programs offered 
		 to VG citizens;       

Whereas;  There has been limited wellness and capacity development for our young adults (age 15-30);

Whereas;  Resolution 2014-04 Mental Wellness directs the Health and Social Department to develop and 
		 deliver health programs on our youth

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That VGG H&S, Education and Rec Departments and VGLP expand their focus in program design to 
include suicide prevention, mental wellness and mentorship for the demographic group not 
captured in its current programming;

That the VGG and VGLP focus its efforts to build awareness and capacity amongst our youth;

That the VGG and VGLP in its deliberations consider engaging with the youth to design and deliver 
efficient and effective programs as soon as possible;

That the VGG departments and VGLP begin work with the students in grades 4-12 and with our students
in Whitehorse in grades 10-12 immediately.