Resolution No. 2015-11 - Passed by Consensus

Annual VGFN General Assembly &

Whereas;  The current web page has not been updated in a long time;

Whereas;  This web page/site allows Vuntut Gwitchin who live outside to connect with their home 
		 and people;

Whereas;  The annual General Assembly of the VGFN is an important event for citizens and leaders 
		 to represent our work;

Whereas;  There is a lack of technical equipment of this event:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

Effective immediately, the VGG IT Department update the website with a VGG Departmental report 
and photos and news of Old Crow;

That the IT and Education Departments work with the high school students of CZGS to begin teaching
how the website works and how to submit stories and photos;

That the department purchase appropriate technical and office equipment for the 2016 General Assembly