Resolution No. 2015-01 - Tabled to special GA

VGT and VGBT Amalgamation

Whereas;  The VGFN continues to evolve and respond to current realities in its self-governance for 
		 the greater good of its citizens;

Whereas;  The Vuntut Gwitchin Trust (VGT) was created in 2004 to provide a consistent and 
		 predictable income stream for current beneficiaries, while preserving capital and
		 protecting purchasing power of the compensation assets for future generations of 
		 VGFN citizens;
Whereas;  The Vuntut Gwitchin Business Trust (VGBT) was created in 2006 with the intent to 
		 act in the best interest of the beneficiaries by overseeing business trust assets, approving 
		 funding of projects, monitoring business loans to the VDC/VGLP and disclosing and reporting 
		 to the VGFN General Assembly;

Whereas;  The VGFN GA now recognizes and is confident that only one Board of Trustees is sufficient
		 for the management and investment of the VGFN beneficiaries compensation dollars (VGT) 
		 and the business assets (VGBT)

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGFN GA direct the VGT and the VGBT to merge and amalgamate into one single entity guided 
by the protector of the VGT

That the new VGT be re-organized to address any and all of the responsibilities and authorities that now 
exist in their respective governing documents

That the current protector of the VGT appoint members to the VGT and that the protector considers a seat 
for an elder

That the VGFN GA direct the new VGT to ensure all due diligence, prudent processes and necessary deeds
and governing documents are complete, sound and secure