Resolution No. 2014-01 - Passed by Consensus

Garbage Truck (real one)

Whereas;  there is no proper storage for garbage

Whereas;  if a proper garbage truck is used, we would not have to go to the dump as
	  much because it stays in the truck and compresses

Whereas;  garbage can be dumped at the incinerator and the incinerator can be on for 
	  longer periods

Whereas;  if there is a garbage truck, the contract will be open for anyone with a 
	  license, and not only those with their own truck.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That VGFN purchase a garbage truck.

Resolution No. 2014-02 - Passed by Consensus Land-based healing camp in Vuntut traditional territory Whereas; It is too costly to send people outside for treatment: Whereas; A local and Gwitchin culture approach is needed: Whereas; Participants could harvest while at camp learn new things and new approaches to healing Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGFN work towards creating a land-based healing program in Vuntut traditional territory in 1 year

Resolution No. 2014-03 - Passed by Consensus Community economic development Whereas; there is a need to create a community economic development arm for Old Crow; Whereas; VGLP solely invests in their investments for profit; Whereas; VGT & VGBT have fund to create economic development investments in the community. Whereas; members in the community are interested to start their own small businesses Whereas; there is a need to show our youth our investment in our community Therefore Be It Resolved; 1) that a distribution committee be created per past discussions at our G.A.'s to fund the community projects by the 2015 G.A.

Resolution No. 2014-04 - Passed by Consensus Mental Wellness Whereas; there is a need to address the mental wellness in the community. Whereas; you are an important part of the community, our future leaders Whereas; the current education curriculum does not teach our youth the tools to handle life challenges. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the Health & social and Education & Recreation departments work with the resources including the school council to deliver mental wellness programs in Chief Zzeh Gittlit school in this school year of 2014 - 2015

Resolution No. 2014-05 - Passed by Consensus Peel Regional Land Use Plan Whereas; the Yukon First Nations Final Agreements describe a process for regional land use planning in the Yukon; Whereas; VGFN traditional territory extends into the Peel planning region and VGG participated in the Peel Planning process as a member of the senior Liaison Committee, and as partner to the plan; Whereas; The Peel Planning Commission submitted the Final Recommended Peel Regional Land Use Plan to the parties, following the process outlined in the YFN Final Agreements; Whereas; The Yukon Government unilaterally modified the final recommended paln to the extent that it can only be considered a separate plan, and is now implementing their plan. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGG publicly recognize & support the Peel Planning Commission's Final Recommend Peel Regional Land Use Plan, as it was drafted and presented in accordance with Yukon First Nation Final Agreement

Resolution No. 2014-06 - Passed by Consensus An Advocate for Citizens in Whitehorse Whereas; There has been lack of communication from Chief & Council to its citizens in Whitehorse Whereas; there is a need for a communications officer in Whitehorse Therefore Be It Resolved; 1) That VGFN create an advocate position for its citizens living in Whitehorse. 2) To disseminate information from Chief & Council by holding monthly meetings 3)To hold meeting before the G.A. in Whitehorse with citizens

Resolution No. 2014-07 - Withdrawn Amendment to Governance Act Whereas; There is no representative on the Chief and Council who resides in Whitehorse Therefore Be It Resolved; 1) That we amend the Governance Act to ensure that one council member reside in Whitehorse year round.

Resolution No. 2014-08 - Passed by Consensus VGG Inventory Whereas; VGG purchase a huge amount of materials for capital projects and fuel haul; Whereas; there is no on-going inventory system currently in place; Whereas; the cost of purchase and shipping is at an extreme high cost to VGG; Therefore Be It Resolved; 1) That VGG begin implementation of effective systems to exercise good stewardship of all assets (raw material supplies & fuel) by December 31, 2014 2) That focus be given by the Finance Department towards implementing Fixed Asset & other Capital Asset registers by Mar 31/15

Resolution No. 2014-09 - Passed by Consensus VGG Childcare Subsidy Whereas; The existing childcare policy disqualifies parents of the subsidy after their child turns 6 yrs of age. Whereas; 6 yrs of age still requires Childcare after school and during school closures. Whereas; The number of single employed parents are put at a disadvantage with the current age cut-off. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the childcare policy be revised to change the cut-off age for subsidized childcare to 12 yrs of age.

Resolution No. 2014-10 - Passed by Consensus Elders complex - 5 year plan - "home of the wise ones" Whereas; there is no elder's complex and it has been in discussion for many years. Whereas; Many elders are unable to take care of themselves as they get older. Whereas; loneliness and companionship are serious issues. Whereas; they could hold circle groups, health groups, activity sessions, share meals and have caretakers. Whereas; their much larger homes could be used by younger families Therefore Be It Resolved; 1) That VGFN make the development of a 5 year plan for the construction of the elder's complex a priority.

Resolution No. 2014-11 - Passed by Consensus Oil & Gas Whereas; the VGFN traditional territory is rich in oil & gas reserves; Whereas; VGFN can control the development of the oil & gas reserves that are on Category A Settlement land; however off Category A Settlement land, (but within VGFN TT)the interests & rights of VGFN citizens are considered but VGFN is not a decision body; whereas; VGFN citizens recognize that the development of oil & gas will generate revenue & jobs in the FN, but also that there could be negative social & environmental effects of oil & gas development Therefore Be It Resolved; That the development of the oil & gas industry in VGFN Traditional territory proceed in a cautious manner, at a pace that allows for an understanding of social & environmental impacts such that the negative impacts can be mitigated, Be it further resolved; That VGG adopt this approach in the relationship it develops with Northern Cross Yukon, and in the commercial activities of the VGLP. Be it further resolved; That VGG convey this message to the Yukon Government and maintain this position in on-going discussions and negotiations with Yukon Government.

Resolution No. 2014-12 - Passed by Consensus VG-TH Traditional Territory Overlap Whereas; Schedule B, Section 2.1 of the VGFN Final Agreement states, "The VGFN shall make each Overlapping Yukon First Nation on a contiguous boundary which eliminates the Overlapping Area;" Whereas; There exists an Overlap of the VGFN and THFN Traditional Territories; Whereas; Senior Officials, representing VGG and TH recommend a shared position on some aspects for a contiguous boundary based on the major river drainage. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGG Chief and Council be mandated to finalize negotiations of a contiguous boundary between VGFN and THFN Traditional Territories based on the parameters described above, and that Chief and Council call a special General Assembly for review and approval of the result by VGFN citizens.

Resolution No. 2014-13 - Passed by Consensus Chinook Salmon Whereas; Yukon River Chinook Salmon are declining; Whereas; 2014 escapement goals were met due to a complete closure of the Alaska subsistence fishery but the run is still considered on of the weakest in recent history Whereas; DFO closed the 2014 chinook salmon fishery in the Yukon, including subsistence harvest; Whereas; VGG does not have legislation to enforce harvest restrictions on it's citizens. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the VGG N.R. Dept. continue to edvocate VGFN citizens on the reasons for the fishery closure, and encourage compliance, acknowledging the fishery may be closed, or significantly reduced for the next several years.

Resolution No. 2014-14 - Passed by Consensus Youth Enhancement fund (YEF) Whereas; The current YEF guidelines currently Has an income component that hinders most VGFN citizens from accessing the YEF; Whereas; This income component prevents out youth from entering sports programs; Therefore Be It Resolved; 1. the the VGG take out the income component so all citizens can access the Youth Enhancement Fund. 2. Revise the current policy.

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