Resolution No. 2014-05 - Passed by Consensus

Peel Regional Land Use Plan

Whereas;  the Yukon First Nations Final Agreements describe a process for regional land use planning 
		  in the Yukon;

Whereas;  VGFN traditional territory extends into the Peel planning region and  VGG participated in the 
		 Peel Planning process as a member of the senior  Liaison Committee, and as partner to the plan;

Whereas; The Peel Planning Commission submitted the Final Recommended Peel Regional Land Use 
		 Plan to the parties, following the process outlined in the YFN  Final Agreements;

Whereas;  The Yukon Government unilaterally modified the final recommended paln  to the extent that 
		 it can only be considered a separate plan, and is now  implementing their plan.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That VGG publicly recognize & support the Peel Planning Commission's FinalRecommend Peel Regional
Land Use Plan, as it was drafted and presented in accordance with Yukon First Nation Final Agreement