Resolution No. 2014-13 - Passed by Consensus

Chinook Salmon

Whereas;  Yukon River Chinook Salmon are declining;

Whereas;  2014 escapement goals were met due to a complete closure of the Alaska subsistence fishery 
		  but the run is still considered on of the weakest inrecent history

Whereas;  DFO closed the 2014 chinook salmon fishery in the Yukon, including subsistence harvest;

Whereas;  VGG does not have legislation to enforce harvest restrictions on it's citizens.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGG N.R. Dept. continue to edvocate VGFN citizens on the reasons for the fishery closure, 
and encourage compliance, acknowledging the fishery may be closed, or significantly reduced for the 
next several years.