Resolution No. 2014-12 - Passed by Consensus

VG-TH Traditional Territory Overlap

Whereas; Schedule B, Section 2.1 of the VGFN Final Agreement states, "The VGFN shall make each
		  Overlapping Yukon First Nation on a contiguous boundary which eliminates the Overlapping Area;"

Whereas; There exists an Overlap of the VGFN and THFN Traditional Territories;

Whereas; Senior Officials, representing VGG and TH recommend a shared position onsome aspects for a
		  contiguous boundary based on the major river drainage.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That VGG Chief and Council be mandated to finalize negotiations of a contiguous boundary between VGFN 
and THFN Traditional Territories based on the parameters described above, and that Chief and Council call 
a special General Assembly for review and approval of the result by VGFN citizens.