Resolution No. 2014-11 - Passed by Consensus

Oil & Gas

Whereas; the VGFN traditional territory is rich in oil & gas reserves;

Whereas;  VGFN can control the development of the oil & gas reserves that are on Category A Settlement land; 
		 however off Category A Settlement land, (but within VGFN TT)the interests & rights of VGFN citizens 
		 are considered but VGFN  is not a decision body;

Whereas;  VGFN citizens recognize that the development of oil & gas will generate revenue & jobs in the FN, 
		  but also that there could be negative social & environmental effects of oil & gas development

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the development of the oil & gas industry in VGFN Traditional territory proceed in a cautious manner, at 
a pace that allows for an understanding of social & environmental impacts such that the negative impacts can 
be mitigated,

Be it further resolved;
That VGG adopt this approach in the relationship it develops with Northern Cross Yukon, and in the commercial 
activities of the VGLP.

Be it further resolved;
That VGG convey this message to the Yukon Government and maintain this position in on-going discussions 
and negotiations with Yukon Government.