Resolution No. 2013-01 - Tabled


Whereas;  It has been the direction of our Elders in the past to protect the Porcupine Caribou, 
		land, and waters in order to sustain the Gwitchin way of life into the future;

Whereas;  The resource extraction process of Hydraulic Facturing, also known as Fracking, 
		poses numerous risks to wildlife, land and waters within Vuntut Gwitchin Traditional 
		Territory, including settlement lands and the Porcupine River;

Whereas;  The ecological risks posed by Fracking in Vuntut Gwitchin Traditional Territory 
		substantially outweigh any benefits it may produce for Vuntut Gwitchin beneficiaries, 
		citizens, and downriver relatives;

Whereas;  The interests of Vuntut Gwitchin beneficiaries lack non-partisan representation in the 
		Territorial Select Committee on Fracking, despite bearing the greatest risks of potential 
		Fracking processes.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGFN oppose hydraulic fracturing in VGFN traditional territory  until we accept it is 100% safe;

That the VGFN act upon this resolution with one voice in all relevant forums we are engaged in with 
government and industry.

Resolution No. 2013-02 - Tabled 2013/ 14 Audit Whereas; the accountability and transparency of VGFN to its beneficiaries has recently been raised as a community concern; Whereas; There is a great uncertainty amongst beneficiaries; Whereas; The 2012/13 audit of the VGFN is not detailed enough to resolve the nature of their concerns; Therefore Be It Resolved; That the Auditor and Director of Finance provide a detailed explanation of the VGFN finances, in laymans terms, at the 2014 General Assembly, taking as much time as the General Assembly requires.

Resolution No. 2013-03 - Passed by Consensus Second Door on Homes Whereas; there is a safety concern for fire and emergency in community homes; Whereas; There may be only one door in a home; Whereas; In case of fire or emergency there needs to be an alternative escape route. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the Department of Government Services include in their budget for 2014/15 funds to allow for an assessment to be carried out of each house in Old Crow to ensure it is meeting all codes relative to safety and mobility for those residents who require special needs; That an education component be included to assist all occupants.

Resolution No. 2013-04 - Tabled Elders Council Whereas; there is no consistency of monthly Elders Council meetings; Whereas; Elders are our senior advisors. Therefore Be It Resolved; That a budget be put in place to hire a coordinator to organize monthly meetings and activities.

Resolution No. 2013-05 - Rejected Prohibition Whereas; prohibition continues to be high concern for residents of Old Crow; Whereas; Twenty-five years have passed since its introduction to Old Crow; Whereas; A prohibition review was done in 2008; Whereas; The majority of the people want to see change. Therefore Be It Resolved; That Chief and Council set up a volunteer committee representative of the community of individuals to research and develop recommendations for changes to the existing prohibition law, within 6 months of today's date; That Chief and Council call a special general assembly to discuss the findings with community residents within one year as of today's date.

Resolution No. 2013-06 - Passed by Consensus Whereas; it is important for community members to stay out of Old Crow flats during spring months; Whereas; For the purpose of healing, practicing our culture and use of our traditional territory for harvesting, and keeping the muskrat populations, caribou, at a sustainable level. As most have no access to their traditional camps by snow machine or boat. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGFN Natural Resources look into the feasibility of providing air access. Individuals/ families cover travel costs or fuel; That We can also get VGFN hunters/trappers/traditional pursuits involved.

Resolution No. 2013-07 - Passed by Consensus Runway Condition and Air North Whereas; Old Crow and Dawson City's runways are the only two runways that remain unpaved. Air North and other airlines are unable to upgrade aircraft as new passenger planes are not made for gravel runways; Whereas; the Vuntut Gwitchin are concerned about using older, more costly and environmentally unfriendly aircraft; Whereas; the Yukon and Government of Canada are responsible for airports. Therefore Be It Resolved; That Chief and Council advocate with other appropriate governments the runway in Old Crow and Dawson City be upgraded and paved; That Air North upgrade the aircraft that it uses to service the northern schedule.

Resolution No. 2013-08 - Passed by Consensus Gwitchin Language for Youth Whereas; the youth of Old Crow have the ability to learn Gwitchin fluently; Whereas; The constituency of Old Crow still retain some language, yet are often unwilling to communicate to youth (under 10); Whereas; Without our traditional language, our First Nation is stripped of essential principles, values, and knowledge. This knowledge is key in our internal communications, within and outside of government; Whereas; If the fluent speakers were ever to pass or leave, there won't be sufficient means to regain fluent Gwitchin language, outside of costly immersion programs, VGG intervention, etc. Therefore Be It Resolved; That constituents of Old Crow who retain Gwitchin, teach youth their language; That All Gwitchin speakers should try only to communicate in Gwitchin to youth aged 10, and under.

Resolution No. 2013-09 - Passed by Consensus >Amendments to the Yukon Oil and Gas Act Whereas; Yukon Government is a regulator and strong promoter of oil and gas development in Yukon; Whereas; Yukon Government is also the government responsible for regulating mining activities on Crown land in Yukon; Yukon Government has legislated themselves (through the Yukon Oil and Gas Act), into a veto role in Impact and Benefits Agreement negotiations; This is an obvious conflict of interest and impacts on VGFNs ability to protect its inherent right as well as rights under the UFA and Vuntut Gwitchin Final Agreements. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGFN make it a priority to raise politically that Government of Yukon amend their legislation so that they (YTG) are not party to Benefits Agreement negotiations, as with other sectors and industries they are responsible for in Yukon.

Resolution No. 2013-10 - Passed by Consensus Air North Services Whereas; the service provided by Air North to Vuntut Gwitchin citizens is below an acceptable standard; Whereas; VGFN are 49% owners of Air North; Whereas; VG citizens deserve a standard of service that is at minimum equal to that of all other Air North passengers. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGLP collaborate with Air North to educate their employees on Vuntut Gwitchin culture and sensitivities; That Air North incorporate into their policies and procedures specific training and orientation on Vuntut Gwitchin culture and history.

Resolution No. 2013-11 - Passed by Consensus Constitutional Change Whereas; The #1 statements reads as: There shall be an Elders Council comprised of all Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation members who are 60 years or older and reside within the Vuntut Gwitchin traditional territory Therefore Be It Resolved; That the Vuntut Gwitchin Constitution be amended, in collaboration with the Vuntut Gwitchin Elders, to restructure the Elders Council as to have it composed of one Elder representative from each family.

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