Resolution No. 2013-09 - Passed by Consensus

Amendments to the Yukon Oil and Gas Act

Whereas; Yukon Government is a regulator and strong promoter of oil and gas 
		development in Yukon;

Whereas; Yukon Government is also the government responsible for regulating mining 
		activities on Crown land in Yukon;

Whereas; Yukon Government has legislated themselves (through the Yukon Oil and Gas Act), 
		into a veto role in Impact and Benefits Agreement negotiations;

Whereas; This is an obvious conflict of interest and impacts on VGFNs ability to protect its
		inherent right as well as rights under the UFA and Vuntut Gwitchin 
		Final Agreements.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That VGFN make it a priority to raise politically that Government of Yukon amend their 
legislation so that they (YTG) are not party to Benefits Agreement negotiations, as 
with other sectors and industries they are responsible for in Yukon.