Resolution No. 2013-08 - Passed by Consensus

Gwitchin Language for Youth

Whereas;  the youth of Old Crow have the ability to learn Gwitchin fluently;

Whereas;  The constituency of Old Crow still retain some language, yet are often 
		unwilling to communicate to youth (under 10);

Whereas;  Without our traditional language, our First Nation is stripped of essential
		principles, values, and knowledge.  This knowledge is key in our internal 
		communications, within and outside of government;

Whereas;  If the fluent speakers were ever to pass or leave, there won't be sufficient
		means to regain fluent Gwitchin language, outside of costly immersion programs, 
		VGG intervention, etc.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That constituents of Old Crow who retain Gwitchin, teach youth their language;

That All Gwitchin speakers should try only to communicate in Gwitchin to youth aged 10, 
and under.