Resolution No. 2013-01 - Passed by Consensus

Hydraulic Fracturing

Whereas;  It has been the direction of our Elders in the past to protect the Porcupine Caribou, 
		land, and waters in order to sustain the Gwitchin way of life into the future;

Whereas;  The resource extraction process of Hydraulic Facturing, also known as Fracking, 
		poses numerous risks to wildlife, land and waters within Vuntut Gwitchin Traditional 
		Territory, including settlement lands and the Porcupine River;

Whereas;  The ecological risks posed by Fracking in Vuntut Gwitchin Traditional Territory 
		substantially outweigh any benefits it may produce for Vuntut Gwitchin beneficiaries, 
		citizens, and downriver relatives;

Whereas;  The interests of Vuntut Gwitchin beneficiaries lack non-partisan representation in the 
		Territorial Select Committee on Fracking, despite bearing the greatest risks of potential 
		Fracking processes.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGFN oppose hydraulic fracturing in VGFN traditional territory  until we accept it is 100% safe;

That the VGFN act upon this resolution with one voice in all relevant forums we are engaged in with 
government and industry.