Resolution No. 2012-01 - Tabled


Whereas;  currently there are no royalties or dividends paid out to citizens.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

The VGG pay out to beneficiaries 18 years and older the amount of $3000.00  at year
end every year;

That beneficiaries under 18 years of age have funds be put into a trust so when they
turn 18 years of age they will have a savings to look forward to.

Resolution No. 2012-02 - Passed by Consensus CROW-FM in Crow Flats Whereas; CROW-FM is not available in Crow Flat. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGG explore what options are available to receive CROW-FM in Crow Flats.

Resolution No. 2012-03 - Passed by Consensus Old Crow Day Care Whereas; Lack of child care within the community is disrupting the daily government operations; Whereas; lack of a daycare also presents an obstacle for hiring potential VGG employees who have children; Therefore Be It Resolved; The Vuntut Gwitchin Government Research options for childcare in Old Crow.

Resolution No. 2012-04 - Tabled Elders Mentorship Whereas; Some people are seeking guidance to become active elders in the community; Whereas; Passing on the traditional knowledge of the elders is important; Whereas; A mentorship program would encourage participation from other community members wanting to become more involved. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the assembly direct Chief and Council to accept those that are 55 yrs and older as menties and be accepted to attend Elders meetings in preparations to be future elders.

Resolution No. 2012-05 - Rejected Residential School Whereas; There is no support for residential school survivors in Old Crow; Whereas; We still see the effects of residential school today and it is an ongoing issue; Whereas; The truth and reconciliation commission has not visited Old Crow. Therefore Be It Resolved; That Chief and Council address Residential School issues; That a professional counsellor be made available to survivors; Encourage community to begin the process for a healthier people and that we invite Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners to Old Crow.

Resolution No. 2012-06 - Passed by Consensus Nutrition North Whereas; Nutrition North is not benefitting our community; Whereas; The cost to bring food to Old Crow is too expensive. Therefore Be It Resolved; That Chief and Council address Nutrition North Issue by inviting the federal minister to Old Crow to hear our concerns.

Resolution No. 2012-07 - Passed by Consensus Gwich`in Steering Committee Whereas; There is only one of two seats filled on the committee; Whereas; The protection of the Porcupine Caribou Herd calving grounds continue to be priority for Vuntut Gwitchin; Whereas; Vuntut Gwitchin has always taken a leadership role. Therefore Be It Resolved; That we strengthen our support for Gwich'in Steering Committee; That we fill two seats on the committee so we are fully represented; That the protection of the calving grounds of the Porcupine Caribou Herd continue to be a priority for Vuntut Gwitchin and that Vuntut Gwitchin continue to take leadership role.

Resolution No. 2012-08 - Passed by Consensus Cesna-185 for fall moose hunting Whereas; A lot of moose have been taken from the Porcupine River and we need to harvest either from Crow Flat and Little Flats were there is a number of moose population. Therefore Be It Resolved; VGG Natural Resources look into the possibility of getting a float plane to Old Crow.

Resolution No. 2012-09 - Passed by Consensus Medical Emergency Policy Whereas; Vuntut Gwitchin families are placed in a difficult emotional and financial position when family members are medivaced out of the community or outside the Yukon that require extended medical care; Whereas; Vuntut Gwitchin Government does not have a formal Medical Emergency and Support policy in place; Whereas; Vuntut Gwitchin citizens should be able to care for family members that require paliative and long term care without the added financial burden. Therefore Be It Resolved; Vuntut Gwitchin social programs department design, write and implement a policy for medical support, outside of NIHB program; That the policy be written to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of support services to citizens requiring long term Medical care.

Resolution No. 2012-10 - Passed by Consensus Smoking area at the VGG office Whereas; It is Yukon bylaw to be 5 meters away from any air intake; Whereas; Guests to Old Crow have to, at times, walk through a cloud of smoke; Whereas; People often throw their cigarette butts on the ground and over the winter these build up and become quite visible in spring. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the VGG develop a policy to assign a designated smoking area 5 meters away from any building by the garbage bin; That the VGG build a small open ended building shelter, for use when the weather is bad; That two or more large containers be built for cigarette butts.

Resolution No. 2012-11 - Passed by Consensus 2014 Biennial Gwich'in Gathering Whereas; Old Crow has been nominated to host the 2014 Biennial Gwich'in Gathering; Whereas; Planning should start as soon as possible to account for the preparations; Whereas; A committee should be formed to start applying to funding agencies; Whereas; Funds need to be set aside in the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 fiscal year budgets. Therefore Be It Resolved; That Chief and Council post a sign of interest for members to sit on the 2014 Biennial Gwich'in Gathering Committee by the end of 2012.

Resolution No. 2012-12 - Passed by Consensus Hockey Arena Repair Whereas; The local arena has not been properly functioning for years; Whereas; $70,000 is needed to purchase hockey boards and $200,000 to place concrete in the arena; Whereas; The arena is in need of immediate repairs before the 2012 winter season. Therefore Be It Resolved; That the Vuntut Gwitchin Government release funds for this project for the youth of Old Crow by October, 2012; That VGG look at options for a foundation in the arena.

Resolution No. 2012-13 - Passed by Consensus Youth workshops Whereas; VGFN youth need to be educated in various aspects of our traditional health and social roles; Whereas; These teachings would address issues like Elder care, parenting, funeral protocol, traditional foods and cooking methods, traditonal medicines and plant use, etc; Whereas; These teachings should take place in a workshop setting with our own resource people as teachers. Therefore Be It Resolved; That VGFN develop a program so that our youth can learn important cultural roles.

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