Resolution No. 2011-03 - Passed by Consensus

Education Funding Deadlines and Communications

Whereas;  Several Vuntut Gwitchin post-secondary students within and outside the Yukon missed the 
		application deadline of May 15 for fall funding;

Whereas;  The communication of the application deadline to current and prospective post-secondary 
		students is inadequate;

Whereas;  The majority of Yukon First Nations have a fall funding deadline of July 15;

Whereas;  Policies that determine the ability of beneficiaries to pursue post-secondary studies should 
		reflect the needs of students and not solely the needs of the administration;

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

THAT the post-secondary funding deadlines be reviewed and changed to accommodate and support 
the needs of students;

FURTHER THAT there be two deadlines for post secondary funding. A deadline of May 15 for students 
of Yukon College and a deadline of July 15 for students outside of the Yukon;

FURTHER THAT a communications strategy be created to ensure adequate and effective 
communication of deadlines and other relevant information to current and prospective Vuntut Gwitchin 
post-secondary students.