Resolution No. 2009-05 - Passed by Consensus

Rental Accommodations

Whereas;  Many homes in Old Crow are rental homes and VGFN citizens employed by the 
		administration pay a set rent, yet their peers who are non-beneficiaries are 
		subsidized and pay a reduced rate for rent;       

Whereas;  VGFN families have or will live in these homes long term and will eventually own 
		the homes;

Whereas;  The rental rates in the housing policy are inconsistent for beneficiaries, 
		beneficiary staff members and non-member staff;  

Whereas;  Many families would like to own their home and find it unfair that they are 
		being detrimentally affected by the current housing policy. 

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

It is directed that the Housing Committee revisit the standard rental rate that they set, 
to ensure that it is reflective of the cost of living index of the community, and 
investigate options, whereby members can pursue the purchase of or rent to own options, 
and that the rental rates is consistent for all who live in first nations housing units;

Further, Chief and Council ensure equal rental rates for employed beneficiaries and 
non-beneficiary staff of the VGG.