Resolution No. 2009-11 - Passed by Consensus

2009 harvest approach/template pertaining to Chinook Salmon Harvest

Whereas;  Based on Chinook Salmon numbers entering Canada, for the past two years there 
		have been Chinook Salmon harvest restrictions for the part or the entire Chinook 
		fishing season applied to Old Crow by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans;

Whereas;  If low Chinook Salmon numbers enter Canada in future years the Chinook Salmon 
		harvest may again be restricted in Old Crow;

Whereas;  Chinook Salmon need to reach their spawning grounds past Old Crow to reproduce;

Whereas;  Many resources have been spent and many options have been considered over the 
		past two years when developing a restricted Chinook Fishery that is the most 
		beneficial to the community;

Whereas;  At a community meeting in the summer of 2009 the community of Old Crow decided 
		on a weekend-based Chinook salmon fishing approach which proved to be successful.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

If faced with a Chinook salmon harvest restriction in Old Crow in the future, use the 
approach (as decided by the community and drafted by VGG  NR Department in 2009) as a 
strategy for Chinook salmon fishing in Old Crow for each restricted year.