Resolution No. 2009-01 - Passed by Consensus

Terms of reference for VGFN Trust/VBT/Boards and Committees

Whereas;  That the 2009 GA recognizes the need for consistent terms of reference for board 
		appointments, including terms around the length and duration of all appointments 
		and ensuring appointments are rotational and time limited;

Whereas;  More work is required to be conducted to fine tune the framework to ensure that 
		equal opportunity is given to community members on a rotational basis, while 
		ensuring long term corporate knowledge is intact/secure.;
Whereas;  It is necessary for the various boards and committees to contribute from their 
		administration funds to solicit the services of an independent agency to assist 
		with a detailed design of the terms of reference for board appointments:

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

The VGFN GA directs the Chief and Council to appoint a working group, consisting of five 
Vuntut Gwitchin citizens from our trust and boards to develop a conceptual 
design/framework to bring it to the next phase of a detailed framework option to be 
considered at the 2010 Vuntut Gwitchin General Assembly.