Resolution No. 2008-02 - Passed by Consensus

Helicobacter Pylori Bacterium study in the community of Old Crow

Whereas;  For many years the community members of Old Crow have voiced concerns about
                the high number of internal body health problems;

Whereas;  Many citizens feel there is a need to address H. Pylori health concerns because
                of its link to developing ulcers and then stomach cancer;
Whereas;  It is vitally important to have early detection and prevention of health 
                complications that could lead to cancer and possibly death;
Whereas;  H. Pylori is an urgent health concern that effects many residents of Old Crow 
                and when we would like health authorities to address;

Whereas;  An H. Pylori research study presentation was described in an information session 
                held at the 2008 international Gwitchin Gathering in Old Crow.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

The Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation General Assembly has considered the value of 
participating in a H. Pylori research study and we have unanimously decided that such a 
project be carried out in the community of Old Crow for those citizens willing to 

the community of Old Crow; Yukon healthcare professionals and the Division of 
Gastroenterology Alberta lead and facilitate this project to ensure that it stays focused 
on community priorities and benefits the people of Old Crow, Yukoners and the citizens of 
the world.