Resolution No. 2007-06 - Passed by Consensus

Recreation Facilities and Programming

Whereas;  There is currently no recreational facilities or programs or services
          in Old Crow to enhance and promote sports and recreation for school
          age children and young adults;

Whereas;  It is very important and vital to a child's upbringing to have
          exercise and recreation in their life.
Therefore Be It Resolved;	

VGFN should seriously look at  Recreation and re-organize the position to make
it compatible with other Governments and to continue the Sports and Recreation
program so that kids/youth can benefit from many programs and services offered
both within and outside the community;

VGFN consider changing what is not working and look at the Recreation
Coordinator position and determine how it can be changed to make it attractive
in order to get a dedicated, committed and organized person to implement the
changes necessary.