Resolution No. 2007-01 - Passed by Consensus

Post Secondary Student Funding

Whereas;  The post secondary education of our citizens is crucial to the success
          of our self governance;

Whereas;  Many VGFN citizens attending post secondary studies are experiencing
          financial hardships with regard to the funding allocation for travel
          to their respective post secondary institutions and back to Old Crow
          for themselves and immediate family members, the allocation to cover
          the costs of books and living allowance;
Whereas;  The VFGN has devolved the education monies from DIAND to fund VGFN
          students, the VGG funding policies are not adequate for the individual
          situations that the students find themselves in, as one example the
          $1500 travel amount per student does not recognize the additional
          costs of immediate family travel like students with children.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

That the VGG Education Department revisit their existing education and training
funding policy to ensure that it  is reflective of today’s needs and realities
for post secondary students, as determined through public consultation as soon
as possible;

That the VGG Education Department  research providing costs for the travel of
the student and their immediate family to and from their post secondary
education location;

That the VGG Education department work in collaboration with the Vuntut Gwitchin
Trust to revisit existing funding levels and determine feasible increases for
post secondary funding as directed through public meetings and consultation.