Resolution No. 2006-06 - Passed by Consensus

Elders Complex

Whereas;  The Elders Complex is important;

Whereas;  The Elders Complex would address concerns for Elders (loneliness, 
emotional, health and well-being) living the rest of their lives in dignity and 

Whereas;  Many discussions have been held about the possibility of constructing 
          an elders complex in Old Crow.;

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

VGFN strike a committee to include a minimum of two elders, Director Health and 
Social Services, Director Government Services and that committee present a 
committee operating budget to VGFN Chief and Council by October 30, 2006.;

VGFN commits to funding the committee operating budget at an agreed level.;

The mandate of the committee is to have all financial and operation issues met 
to allow construction to begin in the summer of 2007.