Resolution No. 2006-04 - Passed by Consensus

Porcupine Caribou on Decline

Whereas;  The Porcupine Caribou Herd is the very essence of the longevity of our 
          lives as Gwitchin;

Whereas;  The PCH is on a decline for several years and continuing;
Whereas;  There will be increased pressures on the PCH due to the stringent 
          management regimes implemented in the NWT;

Whereas;  This will prove to be devastating in the long term for the Gwitchin 
          people if this continues.

Therefore Be It Resolved;

That the VGFN immediately engage in serious dialogue with the Government and 
other user groups;	

To put into place stronger conservation and management regimes so that the PCH 
will continue to sustain the future generations of the Gwitchin.