Resolution No. 2006-18 - Passed by Consensus

Amendment of Vuntut Government Constitution

Whereas;  The April 2006 special GA approved (section 5, Article VIII) the 
          extension of the term for future Chief and Council be increased to 
          four (4) years;

Whereas;  It is beneficial to the continuity of the conduct of the business of 
          the VGG to have a transition period between those involved in the 
          previous and new Chief & Council leadership teams.

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

Section 5 of Article VII of the Vuntut Gwitchin Constitution be amend to read: 
"the terms of office for the Chief and four Councilor's shall be four years, 
commencing on the 2nd Wednesday of January immediately following their election.  
For greater certainty, the Chief and Councilor's holding office on the day of 
the election remain in office until the 2nd Wednesday of January."