Resolution No. 2006-15 - Passed by Consensus

Climate Change Risk Assessment and Final Agreement Analysis

Whereas;  A climate change project is being proposed for the community of Old 
          Crow which considers risk assessment and analyzing the Final Agreement 
          for language that supports issues involving climate change;

Whereas;  Participation will be sought from community members in designing and 
          fulfilling the project;          

Whereas;  Full recognition and rights will be granted to VGFN and all 
          participation persons and organizations in producing the risk 

Whereas;  A portion of the risk assessment will be developed to consultation; 
          specifically what the people of Old Crow mean by consultation and how 
          they think it should be under taken;          

Whereas;  All information derived from VFGN will be subject to approval by Chief 
          and Council prior to publication, and any and all reports and 
          information for the project will be made available to VGFN upon 
          project completion.       

Therefore Be It Resolved;

That the GA approves the concept of a risk assessment and final agreement 
analysis and in developing this concept in the community.