Resolution No. 2006-01 - Passed by Consensus

Old Crow Recycling Commitment

Whereas;  The community of Old Crow has worked hard to establish a functional
          recycling program;

Whereas;  Community interest in the recycling program has been growing and depot
          business is steadily increasing;
Whereas;  There is an interest to keep the land clean;

Whereas;  The Natural Resources Department has recently identified recycling as
          a way to implement the following strategic goals:  1) Develop & 
          enhance community stewardship of land, cultural resources, fish & 
          wildlife by: Educating people to be community stewards & maintain the 
          integrity of VGFN 2) Participate in Global Action Against Climate 
          Change by: setting an example of a community addressing climate change 

Therefore Be It Resolved;	

VGFN identify recycling as a priority & provide the current recycling program 
with the necessary support it requires to continue;

Program administration including pick up from bins & back up funding of maximum 
$5,000.00 per year.