Resolution No. 08 - Passed by Consensus

Old Crow Recreation Complex Working Group

Whereas:  For years now the VGFN GA has voiced a commitment to the
          Youth of our community;
Whereas:  Many Citizens feel there is a need to fulfill an array
          of community needs of healthy living;
Whereas:  Our Youth narrowly missed loss of life in the river and
          in the present skating rink this year;

Whereas:  There are many potential partners in Old Crow that may
          be interested in a long term investment for our youth
          and community with regard to healthy living and active

Therefore be it resolved:  

That VGFN develop a working group as soon as possible to investigate
the feasibility of a Recreation Complex for the community of Old Crow
by the next GA;

That the working group be made up of Director of GS, a community
member, a VDC rep, Greg Charlie,  Darius Elias, and if possible,
other interested parties;

That the working group to identify funding sources, to investigate
all aspects of what a rec complex would look like and operate on the
ground in Old Crow.

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