Resolution No. 03 - Passed by Consensus

VGFN Child Welfare Act

Whereas:  The welfare and responsibility of VG children has become a
          growing issue within the community;

Whereas:  Yukon Government still plays the major role with regard to
          the welfare of VG children at home and abroad;
Whereas:  Yukon Government does not provide adequate level of 
          service, sensitivity of law and programs with regard to
          the welfare of VG children;

Whereas:  VG have traditionally provided for the welfare of VG

Therefore be it resolved:  

That VGFN begin negotiations with Yukon Government to enter into an
administrative arrangement via the inter-governmental accord to deal
with child welfare in Old Crow;

Also that, VGFN conduct community consultations to figure out the 
issues and concerns with regard to child welfare. (For example, 
foster homes and custom adoption).

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