Resolution No. 2005-15 - Passed by Consensus

Revisit the Prohibition of Alcohol in Old Crow

Whereas:  It has been 15 years since the law prohibiting the
          possession and consumption of alcohol in Old Crow was
          passed in the Yukon legislature;
Whereas:  Many citizens living in Old Crow would like the issue of
          the prohibition of alcohol revisited to either strengthen
          it, put limits to it, or to decommission the bylaw;
Whereas:  There has been requests in the past to revisit the
          prohibition issue and no one has or wants to take
          charge of this issue and do something about it and as
          a result it continues to be an outstanding community
Whereas:  The community can not take the lead on such a
          controversial matter without the authority of elected
          officials to guide the process;

Therefore be it resolved:  

That the VGFN fund the set up of an independent committee to seek
community consultation with regard to how the prohibition of alcohol
is working and how can we as a community can strengthen the law,
alter the law or abolish the law;

That the committee prepare recommendations to the community,
leadership, and our member of our legislative assembly.

That leadership, our MLA and the community be prepared to make a
decision with regard to the recommendations of the committee by
2006 GA.

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