Resolution No. 10 - Passed by Consensus

Family Support Worker Position in Whitehorse

Whereas:  There is a substantial number of Vuntut Gwitchin
          beneficiaries residing in Whitehorse, and;
Whereas:  A number of serious issues arose in 2004/2005 school
          year with students and families, and;
Whereas:  The responsibility tends to fall upon the CELC II to deal
          with these issues, who cannot always fulfill this

Therefore be it resolved:  

A person is needed with the skills necessary to deal with the issues
arising in the CELC II's jurisdiction;

That VGFN make it a priority to access funding dollars via proposals
and joint initiatives with YTG and VGFN Social Services for salary
and benefits of a qualified person to deal with the serious issues
that arise with the youth within the CELC II's jurisdiction. 

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