Resolution No. 15 - Passed by Consensus

Housing (Rent to Own)

Whereas:  The VGFN owns and manages its residential housing units;

Whereas:  The VGFN encourages its citizens who reside in Old Crow to
          be self-sufficient and own and maintain their homes; and

Whereas:  The VGFN draft housing policy and the programs that it
          administers with respect to housing have not addressed
          the housing shortage in Old Crow;

Therefore be it resolved:

That the General Assembly directs the VGFN to:

1.  Amend the housing policy to provide the opportunity for
    Old Crow citizens, who occupy units managed by the VGFN, to
    rent-to-own or purchase the units from the VGFN so that they
    can own and maintain their own homes;

2.  Deal with the rent-to-own and purchase price of the housing
    units on a case-by-case basis that take into account the various
    federal and territorial funding programs that have been used to
    renovate, add on or fix the specific units.

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