Resolution No. 13 - Passed by Consensus

Office in Whitehorse

Whereas:  The VGFN conducts much of its business with the federal and
          territorial governments in Whitehorse;

Whereas:  Many school age and post-secondary students must leave the
          community of Old Crow to attend school in Whitehorse;

Whereas:  The VGFN has recognized the need to support offices for the
          CELC2 in Whitehorse;

Whereas:  The Vuntut Development Corporation partially owns office
          buildings in the City of Whitehorse; and

Whereas:  Many other Yukon First Nations have offices in Whitehorse
          to provide the highest level of service for their

Therefore be it resolved:

That the VGFN find the money and space to maintain an office
in Whitehorse to serve its beneficiaries as best as it can
and be cost-effective with regard to conducting governmental

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