Resolution No. 11 - Passed by Consensus

Recreational Facilities

Whereas:  The VGFN General Assembly has identified the need to provide
          recreational opportunities for the youth of Old Crow as a
          priority at its past meetings;

Whereas:  The youth of Old Crow presently swim in Porcupine River
          unsupervised during the summer and the skating rink is
          in ill-repair, requires hundreds of community volunteer
          time to maintain and is used a storage building for the
          VGFN government services department;

Whereas:  Many community members of Old Crow has repeatedly requested
          a safe recreational facility for the youth to go and excel
          in sports;

Whereas:  The VGFN has approved a physical development plan for the
          community of Old Crow

Whereas:  The VGFN has signed an intergovernmental accord with the
          Yukon Government that includes working together in sports
          and recreation;

Therefore be it resolved that Chief and Council:

1.  Undertake a feasibility study including timelines and cost
    breakdown of Recreational facility that would accommodate
    the winter and the summer sports with a heated mezzanine,
    dressing rooms and office; and

2.  Set a goal to build a recreational facility in Old Crow
    within five years and set aside monies to attract partners
    into this important initiative.

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